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Best Quick Service Hollywood Studios Options – Ranked Best To Worst

Hollywood Studios has grown in popularity massively in recent years, with the developing presence of Star Wars and Toy Story. But what are the best quick service Hollywood Studios options? 

Unfortunately, Hollywood Studios is known for having the least desirable selection of quick-service options but we rank every quick service option in the theme park from best to worst! 

What is Quick Service?

Quick service meals at Disney typically refer to meals you order from a cashier, pick up your food from a counter then find your own seat. Another option is a table service meal, meaning you would be seated and served by a waiter.

Quick service restaurants are popular across all the theme parks because they are quick, easy and cheaper than the table service options.

Disney Hollywood studios map

There are many quick service options in this park, with all types of cuisines to choose from. Above we have a Disney Hollywood Studios Map, listing all of the dining options along with rides and attractions.

Rosie's American Cafe Quick Service Hollywood Studios

Quick Service Restaurants in Hollywood Studios

We rank the best to worst quick service restaurants in Hollywood Studios, taking into account menu options, value for money and quality of food.

We also recommend you stick to using the Mobile Order option in most of these quick-service restaurants, the queues can be long and mobile order is well run, quick and easy. 

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ABC Commissionary Quick Service Hollywood Studios

1. ABC Commissary

Every Hollywood Studios veteran will agree that the classic ABC Commissary is one of the best places to eat in Hollywood Studios in recent years. You can even reserve a table for dinner and expect silverware and real plates but it still only counts as a Quick Service credit if you are the meal plan and prices reflect that too. The restaurant is often underrated too so you won’t find it gets as busy as some of the other quick service spots around the park. Plus it is air conditioned!

Don’t expect too much in the way of theming – there is none. But the BBQ ribs, fish and shrimp, burger and chicken club make up for it. There is something for everyone in the way of food here, with tacos, salads, grilled cheese sandwiches also being great options. 

This restaurant is located on the righthand side between the Chinese Theatre and Star Tours (if you are walking towards Star Tours). It is our number one choice because the food is the best quality and the best value for money. 

Entrees cost around $11, as does plant-based meals. There is also a selection of alcoholic beverages too. 

Full menu for ABC Commissary here

Star Wars Galaxys Edge Quick Service Hollywood Studios

2. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, it is hard not to be impressed with the menu and theming of this restaurant. The detailing is excellent and the new restaurant has a very cool vibe to it. This restaurant is located in Galaxy’s Edge (Star Wars Land) and incredibly popular. 

Make sure to try the Beef Pot Roast and the Smoked Pork Ribs and stick to this place for lunch and dinner – the breakfast is pretty standard. There is also a great kofta and hummus plant-based spread for vegetarians too. 

Entrees cost around $17 whilst kids meals are under $10. Cocktails are available here from $13. 

Full Menu for Docking Bay here

Fairfax Fare Quick Service Hollywood Studios

3. Fairfax Fare

In the past few years, Fairfax Fare has moved to a more Tex-Mex focused restaurant when it previously offered barbecue. The food is pretty tasty, with fajitas, empanadas and a delicious pulled pork sandwich. 

Seating is outdoors but covered and is the first stand we will mention in the Sunset Ranch Market area; we believe it is the best stand in the area. Sunset Ranch March can be found on Sunset Boulevard near Tower of Terror. 

Entrees cost around $12 whilst kids meals are under $7. 

Full Fairfax Fare menu here

Woodys Lunch Box Quick Service Hollywood Studios

4. Woody’s Lunch Box

For all those Toy Story fans, this quick service restaurant offers colourful theming and a small but yummy menu. This is the only food spot in Toy Story Land and can be an incredibly popular option, especially for families. 

Following the lunch box theme, the meals are predominately sandwiches, with three-cheese grilled sarnies and brisket melts available. They also come with sides making one meal easily a shared option for pairs looking for a quick small meal. The Totchos are also popular, tots loaded with chili, queso and cheese. This is definitely an option for families, with kid favourites such as s’mores French toast sandwiches whilst adults can enjoy a root beer float. 

The downside to this restaurant is the seating area, which is outside, with little shade and no air conditioning. Plus, seating is limited. We recommend trying out this restaurant in the late after, once the sun goes down and the park is a little cooler. 

Breakfast entrees cost around $8 whilst lunch and dinner sandwiches cost between $9 and $13. 

Full Woody’s Lunch Box menu here

Backlot Express Quick Service Hollywood Studios
Backlot Express Quick Service Hollywood Studios

5. Backlot Express

The Backlot Express offers your typical theme park food, with some sandwiches, burgers and salads to choose from. This is a good option if you have a few picky eaters as well as those looking for something a little more adventurous. Try the cuban sandwich for a tasty take on a pulled pork sandwich or choose from the 1/3 lb argus burger options. 

Backlot Express is great for groups of visitors because there is plenty of indoor seating; ideal for when you want to escape on a hot Florida day. The restaurant is located next to Star Tours with studio and filming items included in the decor. It is also worth nothing that there is a drink station here for the refillable cups and actually, the only station in the park. 

Entrees start at $9 with the most expensive being just $13.99.

Full Backlot Express menu here

Dock Diner Quick Service Hollywood Studios

6. Dockside Diner

This restaurant gets points for its cute theming. Located on Echo Lake, you will find this diner on a “tramp steamer’, offering a 1950s California vibe. The menu is limited to different types of foot-long hot dogs (which aren’t bad) and loaded Chili-cheese nachos. 

However, no matter how cute the restaurant is, it is still an outside seating spot in Orlando and there is nothing overly exciting about the menu. Stick to evenings if you want to try it. It is across from the Frozen Sing-Along, so a good option if you are looking for bite before heading into the theatre. 

Foot-long hot dogs cost $12.99 whilst the tasty desserts cost $4.79

Full Dockside Diner menu here

Rosie's All American Cafe Quick Service Hollywood Studios

7. Rosie’s All American Cafe

Also located at the Sunset Ranch Market alongside Fairfax Fare and Catalina Eddie’s, Rosie’s offers your staple theme park food – burgers, hot dogs and nuggets. There is a fried green tomato sandwich which is somewhat tasty and unusual but apart from that, there is nothing to write home about. 

The downside to this quick service Hollywood Studios option is the seating. The seating area is completely outside so again, visit in the evenings. However, the market is opposite the Fantastic or Beauty and the Beast stage, so it is a convenient place to get a quick snack before watching the show. 

Meals cost around $11 whilst the only child meal (nuggets) costs $7.19. 

Full Rosie’s All American Cafe menu here

Pizzerizzo Quick Service Hollywood Studios
Pizzerizzo Quick Service Hollywood Studios

8. Pizzerizzo

I love a pizza and my general rule, you can’t go wrong with decent pizza. Unfortunately, Pizzerizzo just falls below the mark. They offer personal pies (that kinda tasty like a frozen pizza), which are good for fussy eaters or kids but overall, we are underwhelmed here. 

The restaurant does however have indoor seating (which is why it goes above Eddie’s) and does have an OK meatball sub. It is located across from Muppet Vision 3D but unfortunately doesn’t follow through with too much Muppet theming. 

Pizza here costs $10.49 and kids’’ pizza costs around $7. 

Full Pizzerizzo menu here

Catalina Eddie's Quick Service Hollywood Studios

9. Catalina Eddie’s

The third quick service option in the Sunset Ranch Market is Catalina Eddies, meaning you have outdoor seating again. However, if you want to eat in this area, go for the other options. You can pick up a pizza or salad here, similar to those at Pizzerizzo – which is why it is one spot lower; at least Pizzerizzo has inside seating! 

Pizzas cost around $10 and kids’ meals cost $6.19

Full Catalina Eddie’s menu here

Quick Service Hollywood Studios

Best snacks at Hollywood Studios

There are a handful of food carts and stands that don’t quite have a full enough menu to call themselves quick service (at least not to us!), but they are still great options for a quick snack at Hollywood Studios. 

  • Epic Eats – A rustic canteen near Echo Lake, serving a range of funnel cake infused desserts. 
  • Anaheim Produce – A healthy cart offering fruit, veggies, Mickey Pretzels and frozen lemonade, found along Sunset Boulevard. 
  • Hollywood Scoops – Cool off with hand-dipped ice cream and sundaes, also on Sunset Boulevard. 
  • Neighborhood Bakery – For those with a sweet tooth, head to this bakery in Pixar Place for AMAZING cookies and a Frozen Slush. 
  • The Trolley Car Cafe – Grab a coffee or Disney baked food inside a trolley car station. 
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle – For colourful popcorn, head to this food stall in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. 
  • KRNR The Rock Station – Enjoy classic snacks like hot dogs and frozen lemonade from this car in Sunset Boulevard. 
  • Market – Try Mickey pretzels and churros as well as refreshing frozen cocktails from this stand in Pixar Place.

Unfortunately, the quick service Hollywood Studios restaurants are lacking and we would highly recommend paying more for one of the fantastic table service restaurants here or park hop over to eat at the quick service spots in Magic Kingdom, Epcot or Animal Kingdom

Quick Service Hollywood Studios
Quick Service Hollywood Studios
Quick Service Hollywood Studios

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