scariest rides in Disney World

18 Scariest Rides in Disney World for Thrill Seekers (2024)

These are the 30 Scariest rides at Disney World, ranked in order. We also give tips on surviving and enjoying these thrill rides!

Disney World is a magical destination but there are certianly some rides that are scarier than others. Considering we run a theme park blog, we aren’t a huge fan of the scary rides, but much prefer knowing what to expect before we ride.

We share the type of ride each of these scary Disney rides are, what to expect and what to anticipate when you ride one of these scariest rides in Disney World.

Scariest Rides in Disney World

is Tower of Terror one of the scariest rides at Disney World?

Tower of Terror

This elevator ride isn’t for the faint-hearted. I remember the first time I rode it, my heart was pounding as we plummeted down. The anticipation as the elevator doors closed, the eerie atmosphere, and the sudden drops make this ride spine-chilling.

You do get a great video to remember the experience though!

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

A newer park in Walt Disney World, this is an excellent, exciting ride in Epcot. There are darker areas to this full enclosed ride, adding a big of mystery to the ride and creating a scarier feel for those younger riders.

There are no huge drops in this ride but the 360 rotating coaster, special effects and occasional twists can make it a heart racing ride.

Location: Epcot

Is Space Mountain Scary?

Space Mountain

How Scary is Space Mountain? Whizzing through space in the dark at high speeds is an adrenaline rush like no other. The twists and turns are enough to make even the bravest souls scream!

The scariest part to this ride, is the darkness. We prepared ourselves by watching some of the POV rides online, so we knew what dips and drops to expect.

Location: Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion

Ghosts, ghouls, and creepy effects – this ride has it all. The chilling narration and eerie music create an atmosphere that sends shivers down your spine.

The actual ride track itself is fine; there are no sudden drops, twists or turns, so families of all ages can enjoy. However, the theming is what makes this a scarier ride, especially for younger children.

Location: Magic Kingdom

Expedition Everest - a scary ride at Disney World

Expedition Everest

Just when you think it’s a calm train ride through the Himalayas, the track suddenly disappears, and you’re faced with a fierce Yeti! The backward drops and unexpected turns keep you on the edge of your seat.

This is a thrilling ride but is worth braving for the epic views when you get to the top. Just know, this ride reaches the end of the track and then begins to move backwards.

Location: Animal Kingdom

Tron Lightcycle Power Run

This is one of the newer rides at Walt Disney World and is one of the scariest rides in WDW. Sit atop a Lightcycle (bike shaped seat) to be plummeted through the air.

There are plenty of twists and turns on this ride, making it a thrilling ride in Magic Kingdom. It is a fantastic ride but expect many drops and that feeling of lifting out of your seat occasionally too!

Location: Magic Kingdom

Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster

Zooming through the darkness with Aerosmith blaring in your ears, this scariest rides in Disney World coaster is both thrilling and terrifying.

The launch at the beginning is so intense; it feels like you’re being shot out of a cannon!

This is not one for the faint hearted and we highly recommend you don’t eat a big meal beforehand!

Note: This ride is currently closed until Summer 2024

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

This runaway mine train takes you on a wild journey through dark tunnels and crumbling caverns. The sudden drops and sharp turns make your heart race.

This is a class scary ride at Disney World that should definitely be enjoyed and if you want the best thrill; try the backseat!

Location: Magic Kingdom

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Don’t be fooled by its cute exterior; this ride has some surprising thrills. The swinging mine carts and sudden changes in speed keep you guessing what’s next.

There are some drops and swerves in this ride, so if you aren’t one for fast paced rides with dips and sways, this may not be the ride for you.

Tip: This is always a popular ride, so we recommend heading here as quickly as you can at rope drop.

Location: Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Caribbean

From cannon fire to skeletal pirates, this ride is full of spooky surprises. The dark atmosphere and realistic animatronics make it feel like you’re sailing into the unknown.

This is a themed, fun ride, that moves fairly slowly and has no real big dips. The dark environment has to the mystery and spooky vibe of the ride but it is a fairly tame option for most riders.

Location: Magic Kingdom

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

This Star Wars inspired ride is a new-ish ride to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and often has the longest queue. Described as a dark, thrill ride, this is an exciting adventure and unlike any of the other rides at WDW.

This isn’t a coaster and not a hugely scary ride at Disney World, but it can be intense at times. There are some unexpected moments during the ride that may scare younger riders and the end of this ride can feel a bit intense and disjointed.

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run

Also based on the popular Star Wars franchise, this is an interactive ride that is one of the most popular rides in Walt Disney World.

It is hard to say this is one of the scariest rides in Disney World but it can be! So you are sat in an enclosed capsule, two riders become the pilots and you travel through the galaxy. The interactive nature of this ride makes it fun and engaging.

But depending on how bad your pilots are, it can be a little rough for those that are prone to motion sickness. This is especially true considering this ride lasts around 5 minutes!

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Test Track

Test Track

Another one of the scariest rides in Disney World is arguable Test Track. Based on the idea of a race car, rushing around a track, this can be a fun, thrilling ride for most.

The interactive queue is ideal for those visiting with younger visitors whilst the ride itself, although fast, isn’t too scary.

Speeding around hairpin turns and crashing through barriers at high speeds is both exhilarating and terrifying. The anticipation builds as you wait for the car to reach its top speed. However, that is the main factor for this ride; it goes fast.

There aren’t any major drops in this ride, it is mainly twists and turns.

NOTE: This ride is closing in June 2024 for a year long renovation

Location: Epcot

Crush 'N' Gusher

Crush ‘N’ Gusher

Located in Typhoon Lagoon, this is a fun, thrilling water ride and one of the most popular rides in the theme park. This is not for the faint hearted, with a 400-foot-long tube slide.

There are plenty of drops and sharp turns but also areas of tunneled slides, creating a dark atmosphere, so you don’t always know what is coming next!

Location: Typhoon Lagoon

Mission: SPACE

Mission: SPACE

Feeling the G-forces as you launch into outer space is an intense experience. This is one of the scariest rides in Disney World, especially for those who don’t like motion simulators.

This NASA themed ride does have the benefit of two options; the Orange Mission, which is a more thrilling and exhilarating ride and the Green Mission, which is a calmer, more family-friendly option. This is also a better ride for those who are prone to motion-sickness.

Location: Epcot

Flight of Passage

Flight of Passage

Soaring through the skies on the back of a banshee is a breathtaking experience and a must do ride for those heading to the Animal Kingdom.

The stunning visuals and immersive 3D effects make you feel like you’re really flying in this fun, exciting 3D flying simulator.

This is one of the most popular rides in Walt Disney World but is also great for everyone; no matter what your fear levels are! Yes, the chair you are clipped into will move forward and back but the rocking motions don’t make you feel too motion sick and you still feel secure and comfortable in this simulator.

Location: Animal Kingdom

Slinky Dog Dash

This roller coaster may look cute, but don’t underestimate its thrills. The twists, turns, and sudden drops will have you holding on tight. This is our scariest rides in Disney World because of the big drops and swerves.

If you aren’t a rollercoaster person, maybe check out the POV videos before riding this thrilling coaster.

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Alien Swirling Saucer

Alien Swirling Saucer

Being whipped around by a playful alien spacecraft is both dizzying and disorienting. The spinning motion and flashing lights create a sense of chaos.

I do not put this is the category as one of the most scariest rides at Disney World but I did want to mention it. It is a fun ride but can be vary disorientating for those that don’t like spinning rides!

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Less scary rides at Walt Disney World

The Barnstormer

Mad Tea Party: Spinning in a giant teacup may sound innocent, but the faster it goes, the more nauseating it becomes. Trying to keep your balance while spinning madly is a challenge in itself but this is still a fun, easy ride for families to enjoy.

The Barnstormer: This junior roller coaster may be small, but it packs a punch. The sudden drops and sharp turns make it a thrilling ride for kids and adults alike but it is not one of the scariest rides at Disney World, although it could best scary for younger riders.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Journeying through the Hundred Acre Wood with Pooh and his pals is a delightful experience. But watch out for Heffalumps and Woozles – they can be quite spooky!

Tomorrowland Speedway: Racing around a track in your own mini race car is a thrilling experience. The wind in your hair and the roar of the engines make you feel like a real race car driver.

Kali River Rapids: Rafting down a raging river through treacherous rapids is an adventure like no other. Getting soaked to the bone adds an extra element of excitement.

Toy Story Mania!: Competing in 4D carnival games with your favorite Toy Story characters is a blast. But beware of the sudden surprises and rapid-fire gameplay – it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement!

Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress: Traveling through time with the lovable Audio-Animatronics family is a nostalgic journey. But the eerie smiles and robotic movements can be a little unnerving.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends: Diving into the ocean with Nemo and his pals is a whimsical adventure. But watch out for Bruce the shark – he can be quite intimidating!

Living with the Land: Exploring the future of agriculture in a boat ride through greenhouses is surprisingly captivating. But the animatronic animals and giant vegetables can be a little unsettling.

Jungle Cruise: Setting sail on a jungle expedition with a witty skipper is a hilarious adventure. But beware of the wild animals and treacherous waters – you never know what’s lurking around the corner!

Astro Orbiter: This slower, spinning ride is ideal for younger children looking for a small thrill whilst they discover Magic Kingdom.

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: This is one of our favorite rides in WDW by far! It is, of course, not one of the scariest rides in Disney World but nothing beats moving through this air-conditioned, Buzz lIghtyear themed track ride, blasting your way through space and beating your husband on points.

Those are the scariest rides in Disney World and the not-so-scary rides at Disney too! What is your favorite rides? Which do you think is the scariest?

Let us know in the comments below!

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