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Epcot is known for having some of the best and different food in Walt Disney World but which is the best quick service Epcot option? Let’s break down the quick service restaurants in Epcot and decide. 

What is Quick service? 

Quick service meals at Disney typically refer to meals you order from a cashier, pick up your food from a counter then find your own seat. Another option is a table service meal, meaning you would be seated and served by a waiter. 

Quick service restaurants are popular across all the theme parks because they are quick, easy and cheaper than the table service options. 

Quick Service Restaurants at Epcot

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie
Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie

Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie – Paris France Pavilion

This is one of the best quick service restaurants in Epcot for a few reasons. You will find this restaurant located at the back of the country inside a little shop. You can grab a selection of fresh, tasty sandwiches including an amazing Brie, apples and cranberries option or a Turkey, Bacon, lettuce, tomato and garlic aioli. 

Sandwiches cost around $8-9 with specialites costing $4 – $10

Full Patisserie menu

Sunshine Seasons in Epcot

Sunshine Seasons – The Land

This restaurant can be found in the lower level of The land pavilion and has a large, indoor seating area, making it perfect for families or groups. The menu ranges from Mongolian Beef to BBQ Pork sandwiches and is excellent quality. The variety of food; both Asian and American, makes this a popular choice for groups too. 

Expect to pay under $14 for an entree whilst kids’ meals cost around $7

Full Sunshine Seasons menu


La Cantina de San Angel – Mexico Pavilion

This Mexican styled restaurant in the World Showcase, across from the Mayan Tower. The tacos and nachos are great options as are the mini churros; kids love them! The seating makes this restaurant special, with spaces along the water, offering views of Epcot and the illumination show during the evening.

Expect to pay $13/14 for an Entree with Kids’ meals costing $8.99

Full La Cantina Menu 

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

Regal Eagle Smokehouse

This is another high-quality quick service option and perhaps one of the best you can visit in Epcot. This is a BBQ restaurant in the American Adventure and is certainly very popular with visitors. The Memphis Dry-rub Pork Ribs and North Carolina Chopped Smoked Pork Platter are must-trys as are the craft beer on offer.

Entrees are shareable and cost between $12 – $19. The plant-based burger option costs $12.99 whilst sides are $4.99

Full Regal Eagle Smokehouse menu


Tangerine Cafe – Morocco Pavilion

Very near Paris, you will find this restaurant which serves tasty Moroocan food including kebabs, gyros, falafels, couscous and baklava for dessert. This restaurant is known for their shawarma platters, so visit with a group and get sampling all the flavors of Morocco. 

Expect to pay just under $16 for platters or $11 – $14 for a wrap whilst sides are $5.99

Full Tangerine Cafe menu

katsura grill gallery
katsura grill gallery

Katsura Grill – Japan Pavilion

Hidden in the left upper corner of the Japan Pavilion, you can find some of the best Sushi in Orlando! You would be surprised at how good this sushi is but also try the miso soup! You can take your sushi out onto the balcony where you’ll see a beautiful view of Epcot whilst enjoying a healthier quick service option. 

Rolls cost around $9 whilst a combo costs $12, as does noodles.

Full Katsura Grill Menu 

kringla bakery in Epcot
kringla bakery in Epcot

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe – Norway Pavilion

With unique sandwiches and tasty desserts, this is perhaps one of the best bakeries in Walt Disney World. Try the School Bread, the pretzel-shaped Norwegian Kringla or the Troll Horn puff pastry!

With entrees being under $10 whilst Norweigan treats costing between $3.29 – $6.29, this is a great option for those NOT on the dining plan and eating on a budget. 

Full Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe menu

Yorkshire County Fish Shop – England Pavilion

We may be a little biased, but nothing beats a bit of British food in the middle of a busy day in Epcot. Head to the Yorkshire County Fish Shop, just outside of the Rose & Crown pub for quick service fish and chips. Each meal comes with a pin of beer (if you are on the quick service dining plan) and the restaurant also offers chicken strips for those that don’t want the fish. 

Fish and Chips are $11.49 whilst snacks are around $4 and beer is $9.25

Full Yorkshire County Fish Shop Menu

lotus blossom cafe gallery

Lotus Blossom Cafe – China Pavilion

Found in the China Pavilion is this food court styled restaurant with Americanized Chinese options to choose from. The Orange Chicken is a popular dish, as are the pot stickers (or steam fried dumplings). The Beef Noodles and Sichuan Spicy Chicken aren’t authentic but still taste pretty good. 

Expect to pay just under $11 for an entree whilst kids’ meals cost $7.95

Full Lotus Blossom Cafe Menu

best quick service Epcot

Other food options:

  • Starbucks – A few Disney themed items can be found in Starbucks but it always makes our list because they offer a great deal when on the quick service dining plan; with one meal including a sandwich or salad as well as a speciality drink.
  • Sommerfest – This counter service in the German Pavilion has some tasty Bratwurst; great during the festive season when you’re looking for some German Christmas market vibes.
  • Refreshment Port – In the Canadian Pavilion, you will find a refreshment cart that offers poutine; a great quick snack to try as you explore the World Showcase.
  • Refreshment Outpost – The refreshment outpost stand is found between Germany and China, offering Nigerian Meat Pies and hot dogs, with seasonal snacks throughout the year.
  • Pizza Al Taglio – Found in the Italy Pavilion, this quick-service option doesn’t even show up on the Disney website but definitely exists. It is not always open but when it is, make sure you pick up a Meatball Hero or some pizza. There is a limited number of outdoor seating options here and the counter can be found through a window just outside Villa Napoli.
  • Fife and Drum Tavern – Based in the American Adventure, this is the place to go when you are looking for some turkey legs. 

So that is our guide to the best quick service options in Epcot – what is your favourite place to eat? Let us know in the comments below. 

best quick service Epcot

best quick service Epcot
best quick service Epcot


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