Wearing the best shoes for Walt Disney World at Magic Kingdom

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

We share the best shoes for Walt Disney World, so you can enjoy all the parks without blisters and achy feet. Make the most out of your trip by being fully prepared and get that Disney packing list ready!

Why bother with good shoes for Disney?

The average tourist completes 20,000-25,000 steps in a day (about 10-12 miles) in Disney World in a day, and even more if you are park hopping (almost 15 miles).

To keep Disney magical and not a painful experience you will want to select the best shoes for Disney World and other Orlando Parks as there is indeed a lot of walking involved in visiting theme parks.

Having great shoes will keep your feet and body comfortable even after a busy day in the amusement parks.

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

Spending one day in Magic Kingdom is one thing, but when you plan a two-week vacation in Orlando, seeing as many sights as possible, you can get tired, achy feet very quickly.

This guide will help you select the best walking shoes for women, men, and even kids who are visiting Disney World, making your packing easier! This list includes the best footwear for all amusement parks, not just Disney and Universal.

We have included comfortable shoes, athletic sneakers, walking shoes, supportive sandals, and even some Disney-themed shoes.

Ultimately each person’s choice will depend on their comfort and needs so you should be sure to put some miles on the shoes you choose before bringing them on vacation.

But remember to do some walking and standing in the shoes before your trip to select which shoes feel best.

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

Factors to Consider when Choosing Shoes for Disney:

Disney requires a lot of walking and standing through the day so you will want to use these factors to consider which shoes are most appropriate for your trip.

  • Comfort: Shoes with cushioning, ankle support, memory foam, and gel insoles are likely to be very comfortable for extended wear.
  • Breathability: Florida is the sunshine state so it should be no surprise that wearing socks and shoes can get sweaty so choose shoes with materials like mesh that are more breathable.
  • Arch Support: It is important for your feet and ankles that you choose shoes that provide support for a large amount of walking including built-in arch support. Those with flat feet may consider purchasing orthotic insoles.
  • Open vs Closed Toe: While open-toe is lovely for breathability, I would recommend closed-toe shoes for more protection as lines can be busy and your feet may get stepped on. Some rides also require closed-toe shoes as sandals could fall off.
  • Fasteners: Choose a shoe that uses laces, velcro, or buckles to ensure they won’t fall off and that they won’t rub causing blisters.
  • Weather: Be sure to check the weather to plan if you might need waterproof shoes if heavy rains are forecasted

Keep your feet happy by making a good selection based on the factors above and your personal needs.

Why choose Comfortable Shoes for Disney?

While everyone assumes they can just grab some runners and be good to go, this isn’t always the case as running shoes aren’t designed for long walking distances.

To avoid blisters and discomfort and to ensure you enjoy your whole Disney Vacation you may choose other shoes, and most importantly not everyone in your group is going to find the same shoes comfortable. 

We always recommend bringing some blister cushions too though, just in case you need them mid-trip!

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

What makes a shoe “Comfortable”?

I define a shoe as comfortable if you are able to walk for hours around the park without foot pain. You want to select shoes that provide comfort so you can walk all day long without aches, pains, and the gross feeling of overheating.

In my opinion, I look for shoes that dry quickly, have good arch support, and provide some breathability to ensure my feet stay happy! 

Should I pack Just One Pair of Shoes?

No, definitely pack an extra pair of shoes as if your shoes get wet and don’t dry in time for the next day you will want a backup pair.

Also don’t forget to pack shoes as they keep smelly feet at a minimum and they provide an extra layer of cushioning and comfort. 

Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

What shoes should you NOT wear to Disney World?

Don’t even think about wearing flip-flops or sandals as you will be left with foot pain, back pain, blisters and so much discomfort after walking 10 miles in open-toed shoes.

You want to avoid flip flops, dressy shoes, new shoes, and uncomfortable shoes if you plan on walking around the parks all day as otherwise you won’t make it through repetitive days of walking.

While Disney-themed shoes can be fun, be sure to think about function before fashion. 

While many kids love wearing crocs because they are easy to slip on and comfortable, I would not recommend them for Disney parks as they are not good for extensive amounts of walking and will lead to blisters and discomfort. They would be best to be saved for waterpark days or days you are hanging out by the pool at the hotel.

The Best Shoes for Walt Disney World

Best shoes for Disney for Men

Best shoes for Disney for Men:

Sketchers with Memory Foam – These shoes have Skechers Memory Foam cushioned comfort inside, and a rubber sole that provides traction and is shock-absorbing. They give a little bit of extra support for a long day walking at the park.

They come in 8 different colors in sizes 6.5-16 and feature wide options.

Sketchers Men’s Performance – These lightweight shoes have excellent arch support and come in charcoal, navy, and black options. The bamboo footbed has anti-bacterial odor control to keep smells away after extended use.

These casual slip-ons have mesh to allow for breathability, maximum support, and cushioning. These are especially good for your Animal Kingdom Itinerary, as this park is known for being exceptionally hot!

Mens Canvas Mickey Shoes – These classic slip-on style shoes stretch for easy on/off and feature Mickey Mouse. These comfortable shoes are perfect for the parks as they are lightweight. 

There are plenty of Romantic things to do in Disney World but what could be more romantic than wearing matching Mickey and Minnie shoes!

Best shoes for Walt Disney World for Women

Best shoes for Walt Disney World for Women:

Disney Slip-On Shoes – These classic slip-on style shoes stretch for easy on/off and feature Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Sold in Ladies sizes 5-11, these comfortable shoes are perfect for the parks as they are lightweight. 

Sketchers Women’s D-Lite – These lightweight shoes have excellent arch support that makes them ideal for a long day of walking.

Sold in Ladies’ sizes 5-12 including extra wide sizes.

Asics Gel Venture – These shoes feature gel cushioning and great arch support making them super comfortable and great for a long day at the parks.

The upper part of the shoe is mesh which provides breathability and allows your feet to stay cool even on the hottest days.

A removable liner allows orthotics to be added if needed.

Sketchers Go Walk – These shoes are comfortable yet aesthetically pleasing as they come in cute colors and designs. They are lightweight and have a soft fabric lining and gel cushioning.

Best shoes for Disney World with Children:

Best shoes for Walt Disney World with Children

Adidas Unisex Child Tennis Shoe – Featuring Mickey Mouse these rubber sole tennis shoes are perfect for all-day comfort. The rubber sole provides grip, and the synthetic leather provides a durable shoe that is made of 50% recycled content.

Features both a velcro strap and laces to ensure the shoes stay on tight during any adventure.

Sold in Infant through Child Sizes.

Disney Minnie Mouse Girls Light Up Shoes –  These Minnie Mouse shoes are perfect for active little girls as they run around amusement parks.

They come in a variety of colors such as Red, Pink, Fuchsia, Purple, Yellow, and Tie-dye, and include LED lights (handy for busy park days and excitable children running off). These sneakers are made of high-quality material with a non-slip gripped outsole that provides traction.

These slip-on design shoes have a hook loop closure that is easy to use.

Sold in Toddler Size 6 – Little Kid 12

Disney Mickey Mouse ShoesMagic Kingdom with Toddlers can be magical, but you must be prepared!

Boys will love these Mickey Mouse shoes with Blue LED lights that light up with every step.

These shoes for toddler boys feature a lace-up with hook and loop strap making it easy to get on and off.

They are perfect for a day at Disney and to enjoy all the Animal Kingdom rides for toddlers, go with these fun, breathable options.

They are made of high-quality materials and have a non-slip sole that provides traction. Sold in Toddler Size 5 – Toddler 10.

Minnie Mouse Sneakers – Featuring an adjustable lace-up design and supported ankle support these lightweight shoes are super comfortable to slip on for a day at the parks.

These Non-slip soles are perfect for kids learning to tie their shoes.

Sold in Little Kid 1 – Little Kid 13. 

Footwear is an essential element of your Disney style, and ensuring you have the most suitable shoes for a full day of walking at Disney is a crucial consideration when planning your Disney World packing list.

What shoes are you going for?! Tell us in the comments below!

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