Kennedy Space Center Tips

21 Kennedy Space Center Tips for Every Visitor

These Kennedy Space Center tips cover everything you need to know before heading to the iconic NASA Space Center and Museum.

Kennedy Space Center, the iconic hub of space exploration, beckons millions of visitors every year with its awe-inspiring exhibits, thrilling attractions, and rich history. Whether you’re a space enthusiast, a family looking for an educational adventure, or simply curious about humanity’s journey beyond Earth, a visit to Kennedy Space Center promises an unforgettable experience.

To ensure you make the most of your trip, here are 21 essential tips to guide you through your Kennedy Space Center adventure.

Kennedy Space Center Tips

Kennedy Space Center

Plan Ahead

Kennedy Space Center offers a plethora of experiences, so plan your visit in advance to make the most of your time. Check the official website for current information on exhibits, shows, and tours.

Buy Tickets Online

Save time and skip the lines by purchasing tickets online. You can also find discounts and special packages available exclusively on the website. Either way, it is best to book tickets in advance as the queues can be long on arrival, and no one wants to spend up to an hour, queuing in the heat!

Kennedy Space Center tips

Arrive Early

Beat the crowds and make the most of your day by arriving early. Kennedy Space Center opens at 9:00 AM, and getting there early allows you to enjoy popular attractions with shorter wait times.

Download the App

The Kennedy Space Center Official Guide app provides essential information, maps, and real-time updates on shows and events. Download it before your visit for convenience.

Take the Bus Tour

The Kennedy Space Center Bus Tour is a must-do experience, taking you behind the gates of NASA’s operational facilities, including launch pads and the Apollo/Saturn V Center.

Kennedy Space Center

Visit the Apollo/Saturn V Center

Dive deep into the history of the Apollo missions and marvel at the Saturn V rocket, the most powerful rocket ever built. Allow ample time to explore this immersive exhibit.

Watch a Launch

If possible, time your visit to coincide with a rocket launch from nearby Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Check the launch schedule and viewing opportunities in advance.

Kennedy Space Center

Explore Atlantis

Don’t miss the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit, where you can see the actual orbiter up close and learn about its remarkable missions.

Attend a Presentation

Kennedy Space Center offers various presentations and astronaut encounters throughout the day. Check the schedule to catch one during your visit but try to catch a presentation if you do have the time!

Pack Essentials

Florida weather can be unpredictable, so working out what to pack for Orlando can be a challenge. no matter what, bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated. We also recommend bringing a light raincoat if you are visiting in the late Summer; downpours can ruin your adventure in the outdoor areas.

As with all the attractions in Orlando, make sure to wear comfortable shoes as well, there is a lot of walking involved in this day out; which leads on to our next tip. Think about the best shoes for Walt Disney World parks and wear them!

Wear Comfortable Shoes

With vast grounds to cover, comfortable walking shoes are a must. You’ll be exploring indoor and outdoor exhibits, so choose footwear suitable for both.

We recommend trainers made of breathable fabric, but you could also wear converse style trainers or slip-on plimsoll shoes. Avoid flip flops as these may rub in the heat.

Follow Safety Guidelines

Respect all safety guidelines and instructions provided by Kennedy Space Center staff, especially when exploring interactive exhibits or participating in simulators.

Kennedy Space Center tips

Capture Memories

Bring your camera or smartphone to capture the unforgettable moments during your visit. There are plenty of photo opportunities, from iconic rockets to astronaut encounters. Because this is such a long day out, we also recommend bringing a small battery pack so you can stay fully charged during your outing.

Enjoy Dining Options

Kennedy Space Center offers various dining options, from casual cafes to themed restaurants. Refuel with a meal or snack to keep your energy up throughout the day.

Experience Space Shuttle Launch Simulation

Strap in for the Shuttle Launch Experience, a realistic simulator that mimics the thrill of a space shuttle launch. Note that there may be height restrictions for younger visitors.

Astronaut Hall of Fame

Visit the Astronaut Hall of Fame

Extend your space exploration journey by visiting the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, located just a short drive from Kennedy Space Center.

Engage with Interactive Exhibits

Take advantage of interactive exhibits to learn more about space exploration in an engaging and hands-on way. From simulators to touch screens, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Shop for Souvenirs

Don’t forget to browse the gift shops for unique souvenirs and space-themed memorabilia to commemorate your visit.

Kennedy Space Center tips

Respect Memorials and Exhibits

Show respect when visiting memorials and exhibits dedicated to astronauts and historic space missions. These areas offer a moment for reflection and appreciation.

Stay Informed

Keep an eye on Kennedy Space Center’s social media channels for updates, special events, and insider tips leading up to your visit.

Extend Your Stay

If you’re passionate about space exploration, consider extending your visit to Kennedy Space Center by participating in special programs, camps, or even astronaut training experiences.

Kennedy Space Center is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s a gateway to the cosmos and a tribute to human ingenuity and exploration. With these 21 tips in mind, you’re ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through the wonders of space at Kennedy Space Center.

Enjoy the adventure!

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