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Thorpe Park Rides Guide – A complete guide to every ride at Thorpe Park, England.

Thorpe Park is a popular theme park in the South of England, and today, we share this Thorpe Park rides guide, so you can choose your top picks before your trip. 

Why Thorpe Park?

Located in Surrey, England, Thorpe Park offers thrilling and exhilarating rides, making it a popular choice for teens and young adults looking for an adrenaline rush. That being said, the park also offers plenty of family-friendly activities to choose from as well as fun-themed lands and water rides for those rare, warm days. 

Throughout the day, the park also runs live entertainment and throughout the year, you can visit themed events like the Fright Night events for Halloween. Of course, there are plenty of dining options for the whole family too.

Most people head to theme parks for the rides, so let’s jump into this Thorpe Park Ride complete guide! 

Thorpe Park Rides Full Guide

Thorpe Park Guide

The Best Rides at Thorpe Park

Stealth – This is an iconic rollercoaster at Thorpe Park; where you go from 0 to 80 mph in under 2 seconds, rocketing up to 205 feet above ground. This is an intense ride and we don’t recommend this one after you have just eaten!

The Swarm – Dangling below the track and moving at almost 100 mph, the swarm is another thrill ride and a very popular choice. The theme is that you are under attack from a flying alien race, so expect quick rotations as you dart between the scenes, including an abandoned helicopter and a crashed plane wing. 

SAW The Ride – Based on the horror movie Saw, ride through Jigsaw’s torture equipment in this mind-bending, horrifying roller coaster. This is the perfect ride to enjoy during the Thrill Nights at Thorpe Park. 

Ghost Train – This is a new ride for Thorpe Park; an intense, immersive Ghost Train which features live actors and multisensory effects. 

Thorpe Park Thrill Rides, Rollercoasters and Attractions

Colossus – This was the world’s first ten-loop roller coaster and a classic ride at Thorpe Park (I remember riding this on a school trip 20 years ago!) Expect vertical loops, cobra rolls, double corkscrews, and even a quadruple barrel roll; again, don’t eat too much before this ride!

Nemesis Inferno – This inverted roller coaster is another classic at Thorpe Park, with riders spinning, diving, and swooping around 750 meters of twisted steal track at around 50 mph. This is not quite as scary as the other thrill rides, making it a good ride to start with for first-time thrill seekers. 

The Walking Dead Rollercoaster – Based on the popular TV show, this rollercoaster has you racing away from walkers with the aim of staying alive. 

Samurai – This is not a rollercoaster but a spinning, thrill ride with up to 5G forces and 360-degree spins around 60ft above the ground. 

Vortex –  Another spinning ride is Vortex, with 15 high-speed rotations per minute. 

Rush – Rush isn’t your typical thrill ride; expect extreme G-forces and dizzying heights as you swoop and swing back and forth. 

Zodiac – Another circular-styled ride is a great option for those less adventurous. This spins you around but you are cocooned in a capsule-style pod that makes you feel just a little bit more secure. 

Detonator – Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the ride from above on the detonator; just catch the view quickly before you drop 100ft on this drop tower-style ride. 

Black Mirror Labyrinth – This is the UK’s first Black Mirror Experience, a sensory-defying, unusual maze for those aged 13+. 

Thorpe Park Attractions for under 80cm 

There aren’t loads of attractions for those under 80cm but young children can enjoy Amity Beach; a kid’s pool and smash area with some small slides and a beach-styled area. Or they can enjoy The Playground, a play area focused on accessibility so that all children under 12 can have fun. 

For children 4+, there is an Angry Birds 4D Experience, perfect for the whole family. 

Rides and attractions for families 

Mr. Monkey’s Banana Ride – This take on the traditional swinging shipboat is a fun, monkey-themed ride. You must be over 90cm to ride Mr Monkey’s Banana ride and children under 120cm must be accompanied by an adult.

Flying Fish – This is a small rollercoaster-styled ride, perfect for first-time theme park visitors. Again, you must be over 90c to ride and those under 110cm must be accompanied by an adult. 

Quantum – Jump on the magic carpet and swoop back and forth on this tame, thrill ride. Minimum height is 120cm. 

King Pigs Wild Hog Dodgems – This is an attraction that is very popular with the whole family; an angry bird-themed dodgems ride that sees plenty of adults bump carts into one another. A fun attraction but not great for those with back problems! The minimum height is 110cm and under 130cm must be accompanied by an adult. 

Dobble Tea Party – For your classic teacup ride, jump on this Dobble-themed ride.

Thorpe Park wet rides

Thorpe Park guide

Storm Surge – This raft-style spin ride is a fun water ride that can be enjoyed by everyone. The whole family can jump into the same raft but there is a minimum high restriction of 110cm. 

Tidal Wave – Known as one of Europe’s tallest water rides, Tidal Wave is a thrill water ride and a must-ride during your trip to Thorpe Park. Riders plunge 85ft into the water and the minimum height is 120cm. 

Depth Charge – Ride down a super slide with the whole family. You may get a little wet with this one but not too much! The minimum height is 90cm. 

Rumba Rapids – This is a thrilling rapid river ride, where you get into a round raft and get tossed and turned around a rapid river. The minimum height is 110cm and under 130cm must be accompanied by an adult.

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